Your great sounding, powerful and easy to install solution for your KPA amplification needs !

We proudly present the ONLY commercially available add on amplifier module for the KPA !

Now you can upgrade your KPA toaster to become a real amplifier head.

The Camplifier module can be installed by yourself in only 5 minutes.

Choose your model. Order it. Install it and be ready to ROCK !

Please watch this short Camplifier introduction video and you will know what this is all about :

Our Camplifier add on power modules are used by many, many KPA users all over the world.

Slide the arrows to see where the Camplifiers are used to rock the house!

  1. Before
  2. After

This is what our Camplifier customers have to say :

I was scared before buy as I’m a tube lover. I build also a tube head years ago, just for saying my respect for the argument, I’m not a digital guy. Well, Kemper + Camplifier is my favorite guitar head now. I suggested to other guitarists, everyone was scared before and happy after.

Great product, perfect solution for my lunch box !

The Camplifier is a great product. It sounds fantastic, especially when running the Kemper in stereo. I have 2 boxes so when running in stereo I must turn off the cabinet. It would be great if KPA made a „cab off“ for direct out as well as monitor out. Then you could run stereo and still give a mixer out front the signal with cabinet on. But as for the Camplifier it is a great sounding product. Some of the low level clean profiles need to be tweaked a little so they have more push and level, but once you have a rig worked out you will be happy. All dirty profiles have a huge amount of level, more than you’d ever need. I love this product.

„I used 5 min from i got the amp, till it was installed and i was playing. I use a 4×12 Mesa V30 cab, and the sound was brilliant from the first tone. And with its great power, makes the Kemper / Camplifier / Mesa as a winning team. Love it.

A Camplifier is the perfect power amp for a Kemper Preamp!

In my opinion the Camplifier is great. The only problem is that the Camplifier and the KPA are two different units. Would be better to be able to make all settings (even for the Camplifier) in the system of the KPA (maybe master volume, etc.) But that is obviously not a problem caused by ritteramps!

Excellent product, highly recommended for KPA owners.

Perfect !

I tested the Camplifier for a whole hour tonight and it is truly incredible!! Absolutely amazing – I paired it with an oversized Bogner cab with G12 anniversary + Celestion V30.
MANY THANKS – glorious tone that everyone should have !

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