Welcome to RITTER Amplification !

PortraitMy name is Tilman Ritter.

I started the company in 2008 to provide good tube amplifier service for the local music scene in Dresden / Germany.

Being a guitarist myself and having had a strong interest in tube amplifiers since primary school helped the mission. I also gained a formal education in electronics later on.

Today, musicians in 13 countries on all continents  use our equipment to create their music.

Since 2009, we have cooperated with BlueAmps (a German company specialized in full-range speaker systems for guitar modeler and profiler equipment). This has enabled us to provide custom-made solutions for guitarists who use this kind of gear.

I feel that both worlds (tube and digital equipment) can complement each other very well. The end result is what counts, and the end result should be outstanding guitar sound.

This is what we strive for every day.