Classic Tube Amplifiers

Hand wired classic tube amplifiers 100% based on TubeAmpDoctor parts ready to play.


  • Tweed

    Tweed Deluxe 5E3

    • Smooth, warm and full tone
    • Finger joined pine cabinets
    • Lacquered Tweed covering
    • Eyelet board
    • Hand wired point to point

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  • Blackface


    • Classic Fender clean sound
    • Reverb and tremolo
    • Finger joined pine cabinet
    • Eyelet board
    • Hand wired point to point

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  • Plexi


    • British crunch and overdrive
    • Baltic birch, finger joined cabinet
    • Turret board
    • Hand wired  point to point

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Why should you let us build your classic tube amplifier ?


We only use high end components supplied from Mojo Tone and the Tube Amp Doctor.

All cabinets are finger joined and covered with tweed or tolex with a quality of workmanship that even exceeds the quality offered by the original manufactures.

All transformers are build to the original specifications and pass todays safety tests.

Tone capacitors in the tweed and blackface style amps are ORANGE DROPS and in the plexi style amps TAD MUSTARD CABS.

Tube sockets, switches, jacks, potentiometers are made with a quality the old tube pioneers would have dreamed off.

Build Quality

We wire each amplifier one after another by hand.

There are no shortcuts taken. Our construction and assembly methods are exactly the same as they were in the 50s or 60s of the last century.

We follow the original layouts to ensure original tone and reliability.

Each amplifier will be tested for several hours before shipment.

Custom Mods

You might want to order different speakers with your combo amplifier or you might want to get a master volume installed.

Want a standby switch for the Tweed Deluxe 5E3 or a BIAS pot on the Princeton ?

No problem at all. Just ask and we will deliver.


We offer a full 24 month warranty for the amplifier 6 months for the vacuum tubes.


We are no new kid on the block. We build such amplifiers since 2008 .

Up to this day, several dozens happy customers all over the world play with an amplifier made by RITTER Amplification.