Deluxe Reverb Head

    Normal channel through all 5 pickup positions
    Vibrato channel with reverb and vibrato all 5 pickup positions
    Vibrato channel with the amp turned up to crunch threshold

    The sound samples you are listening to were taken with a SURE SM57 microphone  about 15 cm in front of the speaker.

    No EQs, compressors or any other effects were added. The tremolo and reverb you hear comes straight out of the Deluxe Reverb.

    You hear the standard Princeton combo JENSEN C12Q speaker.

    Guitars used :  Stratocaster


    Deluxe Reverb Head builders statement

    This one is a classic. Fender clean tone at its best. The reverb is great and the vibrato very nice. It offers more headroom than the Princeton does and sounds is a little tighter when pushed hard.

    A great pedal platform amplifier for small up to medium sized venues.