Princeton 1×12″ Combo

    The sound samples you are currently listening to were captured using a SURE SM57 microphone positioned approximately 15 cm in front of the speaker.

    No equalizers (EQs), compressors, or any other effects were applied. The tremolo and reverb you hear were directly produced by the combo.

    The speaker utilized is the JENSEN P12Q, known for its standard implementation in the Princeton combo.

    Guitars employed in the recording are as follows:

    • Rhythm Track: Telecaster
    • Melody: Stratocaster
    • Solo II: Les Paul

    Princeton builders statement

    Regarding the Princeton combo, the builder describes it as the ultimate tool for those who appreciate Fender’s renowned clean sounds and reverb. The tremolo, being a Bias tremolo, possesses a more musical quality compared to the LDR tremolo found in many subsequent blackface amplifiers.

    This compact amp is exceptional and highly convenient for transportation.

    Personally, this ranks among my all-time favorite amplifiers.