Bandmaster 5E7

    The sound samples you are listening to were taken with a SURE SM57 microphone  about 15 cm in front of the speaker.

    No EQs, compressors or any other effects were added. We did add a little room reverb to the tracks though.

    You hear the standard Bandmaster 5E7 combo , equipped with a JENSEN C10Q loudspeakers.

    Guitars used :

    • Rhythm Track : Stratocaster
    • Solo I : Stratocaster
    • Solo II : Les Paul

    Bandmaster 5E7 builders statement

    The Tweed Bandmaster 5E7 is a great amplifier if you are looking for a little punch, power and clean headroom but still want to keep the spirit of the legendary Tweed sound. With its presence control and the three 10 inch speakers, you will get a nice clean sound even at louder volumes. The sound always has a little grid to it so it is easy to dial in nice Stones or even Country tones. Despite its 3 speakers this amp is surprisingly light weighted and easy to transport.