Tweed Champ

Watch this Tweed Champ review video that has been made by Ronny from Dresden Germany.

Ronny wanted to get a be able to get the over driven sound of the Champ even at VERY low volumes (he works in shifts and lives in a crowded neighborhood….) so I installed a simple power reduction knob in the back of the cabinet. It works surprisingly well for this little amp. Thanks Ronny !

This Tweed Champ has a JENSEN P8R Speaker installed.

 Builders Statement Tweed Champ :

The Tweed Champ is a nice little amplifier for practice sessions at home or for recording. You can get a nice crunch sound a low volume levels. If you live in your own house or have tolerant neighbors – this is the amp to get. The Tweed Champ can also be uses for recording very well. Many famous guitar solos have been recorded with a tweed. Turn it all the way up and have fun without getting deaf. Ronny wanted to get the 8″ speaker version of the amp. The 12″ speaker version brings a little more bottom end fullness to the sound. I say the 12″ version is a serious amplifier even with its only 5W and can be used with good drummers in trios with no problem getting through the mix.