Tweed Pro 5E5A

    The sound samples you are listening to were taken with a SURE SM57 microphone about 15 cm in front of the speaker.

    No EQs, compressors or any other effects were added. Just on the solo tracks we have added a little room reverb.

    You hear the standard Pro 5E5A combo , equipped with a JENSEN P15N loudspeaker

    Guitars used :

    • Stones like riff : Telecaster
    • Funky track : Stratocaster
    • Solo : Stratocaster / Les Paul


    Tweed Pro 5E5A builders statement

    The Tweed Pro 5E5A is my favorite Tweed amp if I need a little more headroom than the Deluxe has to offer. To me, it sounds like the bigger brother of the Deluxe. It always sound a little dirty but it delivers the full and complete guitar sound without the mid cut many later amplifiers had. With its 15 inch speaker it can move a lot of air and sounds full and bodied. This is the amp I would play in a Stones cover band with. Great amp for Blues, mild Blues Rock and Rock. It is very light weighted and easy to transport.