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  • JTM45ueber

    JTM45 Final Test

    The day has come. The ÜBER JTM45 will be brought to life. Readers of the previous articles on the ÜBER JTM45 may ask : What happened to this amplifier ? Did it explode when you first turned on ; or why did it take him so long to write something else about this amplifier ? […]

  • JTM45 power scaling

    JTM45 Power Scaling

    Today’s post is all about JTM45 Power scaling. It carries with it quite a lot of detail, and it will get a bit technical. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! What is JTM45 Power scaling in the first place, and what is it all about ? Power scaling is the hunt for a dream, the […]

  • red guitar

    Guitar Pickups

    Ordinary guitar pickups What are the things under the guitar strings really for ? These things – or ‘pickups’ – are the difference between an ordinary acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. Why is that ? Our effect-pedals need signal voltage. The guitar amplifier will amplify  a signal voltage.  It’s this voltage that the pickups […]